Welcome to Glendale Montessori School

Our establishment has served happy children for over four decades and provided a safe and nurturing environment for our students' curricular development.

Our staff prepares daily the environment to be used by the children taking into account the ages, developmental stages and interests of their students. In the Montessori environment, children learn to concentrate. They complete a full cycle of work and care is taken to avoid interruption.

The teachers are not the focal point in the Montessori classroom, but the bridge to the work. They commonly give one-on-one lessons and make a real connection with each student. When the child is able to do the work alone the teacher steps away.

Observation is an important tool in both learning and teaching. Children learn by observing others and through observation our teachers learn about their students' needs and personalities.

At Glendale Montessori School, we strive to have students learn based on their own motivation, to learn how to learn, and develop a love for learning. The children are free to interact with each other during the day. Their social interaction along with other experiences in their classrooms plays an important role in character formation. Because movement is an important part in developing the intellect, our students are free to move about the classroom.

Additionally, our students are active participants in reducing, reusing and recycling. Learning to care for and respect the Earth is a priority for us.

Glendale Montessori School is accredited by the State Board of Education and Licensed by the State of California. All teachers are fully qualified and hold valid Montessori credentials.

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