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"My son has attended Glendale Montessori since he was 2.5. He's now 10 and in the fifth grade. We were lucky and they expanded from only going up to the 2nd grade to offer all the way to 6th. All the teachers and staff have been wonderful, but the 1st & 2nd grades with Hal and Terri are magical. I cannot express what amazing teachers they are: warm, encouraging, full of enthusiasm. I know my son will treasure the time he spent with them. As I look now for a junior high, i know that my kid has a quest for knowledge that cannot be extinguished. I feel so grateful to have stumbled upon this school. I was not familiar with Montessori when we arrived but I see now how working at your own pace helps all the children. If your child is interested in moving more quickly ahead they are encouraged, and if your child has learning disabilities they are able to proceed at their own pace without stigma."

- Parent (2014)