"We sent our two children to Glendale Montessori from the ages of three all the way through the second grade. During the second to last we year we had an opportunity to move out of state, but we actually postponed the move for a year because we knew that the care, love and education that our son was receiving from his teachers and school was high above the average school experience. The teachers at this school treat and teach each child as an individual. In addition, they guide them to care for each other and the world outside. Most importantly, they instill in them a love of learning and a deep curiosity about how the world works. As we have moved to new schools I have observed what a strong foundation of education they received from Glendale Montessori. My only criticism of this school is that it does not go through high school. If it did we would certainly be there for the long run."

- Parent (2011)